About MEMORY! International Film Festival
About MEMORY! Cinema Association
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MEMORY! in a few words
MEMORY! Team in 2014- 2nd edition

About MEMORY! International Film Festival

The MEMORY festival was co-founded in 2013 by 2 non-profit entities acting worldwide in the field film heritage preservation and promotion: MEMORY! Cinema Association (directed by Gilles Duval) and Technicolor Foundation for Cinema Heritage (directed by Séverine Wemaere).
MEMORY worked closely in 2013 and 2014 with Bophana Center (directed by Rithy Panh) for its two first editions in Phnom Penh.
MEMORY! – the first festival of its kind in Asia - was created following on from the very few existing festivals dedicated to Cinema Heritage in the world, like Il Cinema Ritrovato in Bologna, Lumière in Lyon, Toute la mémoire du monde in Paris or MoMA Film Preservation Festival in New York.
The aim is to establish an annual event dedicated to film heritage in Asia, symbolically based in a country that has lost a large part of its film heritage.
The festival is largely intended for the general audience, but it is also clearly aimed at film professionals working worldwide in heritage cinema.
The specificity of the festival’s programming is to combine major classics and works which are rarely screened, including in their own countries, and many have never adventured out of their native land.
MEMORY! International Film Heritage is a non profit event with free admission for all screenings, conferences and events.
For its 2nd edition, the festival received backing from four Cambodian ministries (Culture, Information, Education and Tourism), from the Institut Français in Paris and in Phnom Penh, from France’s CNC, the Cambodia Film Commission, Unesco, FIAF, France 24-RFI, TV5 Monde and Cambodia Airport.

About MEMORY! Cinema

MEMORY! Cinema is a non profit entity, acting worldwide in the field of preservation and promotion of film heritage but also in educational programs related to film heritage. Among its main actions: Enable access to film heritage in the frame of cinema events open largely to the public such as film festivals, restoration programs, lost films programs, educational programs…The structure was created in 2013 at the occasion of MEMORY International Film Heritage Festival, first edition, that took place in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
In 2014, MEMORY Cinema contributed to the restoration of Marriage Italian Style (1964) by Vittorio de Sica which will premiere at Cannes 2014.
MEMORY! Cinema is an association created under the French Law of Association Loi de 1901. It is headed by Gilles Duval, who previously ran for more than 16 years the Groupama Gan Foundation for Cinema.

About the Technicolor Foundation for Cinema Heritage

Created in 2006, the Technicolor Foundation for Cinema Heritage is a non-profit entity, acting worldwide in the field of preservation and promotion of film heritage. The Technicolor Foundation operates worldwide with four types of programs: film restoration, operational support to film archives, festival support and educational programs for universities and film schools. It has been notably acting actively since its creation in India with Film and Television Institute of India and National Film Archive of India and in Cambodia with Bophana Center.
In 2013, the Foundation co-created and co-conducted, alongside MEMORY Cinema, the very first international festival dedicated to Film Heritage in Asia: MEMORY! International Film Heritage Festival.
Among the key restorations conducted by the Foundation: Lola Montès by Max Ophuls, Mr Hulot’s Holiday by Jacques Tati, the Complete Film Works of Pierre Etaix, A Trip to the Moon, in color, by Georges Méliès, Lola by Jacques Demy, Tell Me Lies by Peter Brook, Hiroshima Mon Amour (1959), by Alain Resnais and… Marriage Italian Style (1964) by Vittorio de Sica which will premiere at Cannes 2014.
Since 2006, the Foundation is headed by Séverine Wemaere, Managing Director.

About Bophana Center

Founded by filmmaker Rithy Panh, the Bophana Center collects image and sound archives related to Cambodia and gives the general public free access to this unique heritage. The Center also trains young Cambodians in the fields of cinema, audiovisual and new media, to enhance their understanding of the creation process and inspire meaningful productions about their own culture. Bophana was co-organizer, alongside MEMORY Cinema association and Technicolor Foundation, of the 2 first editions of MEMORY Film Festival in Phnom Penh.

MEMORY! in a few words


General Delegates:

Film office: Julien Badon

Coordination in Phnom Penh: Elsa Lenthal and Sopheap Chea with Darong Chour, Dararoath Chin, Christoforos Pavlakis, Sophie Del Fa, Saveth Chheng

Technical coordination : Cédric Eloy and So Chandara

Accreditation, Guests Relations and Administration: Pascale Bouillo

Projectionnist: William Le Ny

Assistant Projectionnists: Vanara Sovann and Chamman Chroun

Relation with Universities, Schools and NGOs: Jessica Austin and Sopheap Chea

Music&Cinema coordination: Sarin Chuon and Sokhorm Yon

Trailer: Simon Wallon

Design and graphics : Etienne Robial and Madjid Benhemam